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BBB Series: Haoming Wang

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Haoming Wang

Connection to Bath:

Studies in Bath

Why and when did you first move to Brussels:

I moved to Leuven, Belgium last year, around September 2021, to finish my last year (hopefully) in KU Leuven. Like the Bachelor’s Degree, I also had a double degree programme for my Master’s, where the first year was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Current job & role:

Postgraduate student… (Sorry I am not working in Belgium…)

Best life lesson in Brussels:

A conflict between my colleague and I because of my lack of sincerity, sometimes it’s necessary to admit your limited ability and unavailability on a mission.

Recommendation for someone that would like to come to work in Brussels: MuseumPASS is really a great thing to let you learn the history and the culture quicker!

A thing from Brussels that you would like to export to Bath:

Barbeque Ribs, metro and tram, cheaper train service (far better than GWR isn’t it?)

A thing from Bath that you would like to import to Brussels:

English Breakfast and brunch

Favourite place in Bath:

Cycling path around Bath and along the River Avon, thermal spa

Favourite place in Brussels:

Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, Atomium

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