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About Us

The Bristol & Bath Brussels Office works with Bristol City Council, Business West and the Universities of Bristol and Bath to represent them in Europe.

It was first established in late 2014 as the "Bristol-Brussels Office", part of Bristol City Council's European & International Service. In 2018, a new partnership was created via more structured collaboration between local stakeholders. The expanded remit of the office was followed by its rebranding to the current  "Bristol & Bath Brussels Office".


The Bristol & Bath Brussels Office aims to:


  1. Raise the profile of the region and partners in Brussels to leverage European and international opportunities locally.

  2. Provide intelligence on relevant European and international developments and ensure effective representation of the region’s and partner’s interests.

  3. Build and manage relations with key stakeholders and networks, and help the region and partners secure funding and investment.

The Team

PD Cities Forum edit.jpg

Paul Davies

Head of Office


Pedro Campos de Oliveira

EU Affairs Intern 



University of Bath

Passport photo.jpg

Laura Sevestre

Communication Coordinator (voluntary)

274019413_349185880451595_3475066597638759003_n (2)_edited.jpg

Charlotte Greenlees

EU Affairs Intern


Kieran Crimp-Richardson

EU Affairs Intern



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