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BBB Series: Laura Sevestre

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

For our next 'BBB Series' interview of Bristolians and Bathonians in Brussels, we had the pleasure of speaking to former B&BBO Communications Coordinator Laura, who has strong strong ties with all 3 cities in our name - Bristol, Bath and Brussels!

Name: Laura Sevestre

Connection to Bristol/Bath: I studied BA Modern Languages (FR/DE) at Bristol Uni. 2004-2008 and then MA Interpreting & Translating at the University of Bath 2008-2009. Why and when did you first move to Brussels: During my Master’s studies at Bath for an unpaid Easter traineeship at the European Commission.

Current job & role: I am an EU civil servant, but I am currently on sabbatical and have been volunteering at the Bristol & Bath Brussels Office.

Best life lesson in Brussels: ‘Friends’ can be the very best form of professional contact, so make as many as you can in Brussels!

Recommendation for someone that would like to come to work in Brussels: Be prepared to accept a traineeship/internship possibly ‘below’ the level of job you would be expecting, as a way to get a foothold on the Brussels job market and gain valuable life and career experience!

A thing from Brussels that you would like to export to Bristol/Bath: Multilingualism and chocolate

A thing from Bristol/Bath that you would like to import to Brussels: The waterfront (in both cities)

Favourite place in Bristol/Bath: Bristol: SS Great Britain, the waterfront bars and cafés

Bath: the Roman baths, the infinity rooftop pool at the Bath modern spa complex, piano concerts in the Pump Rooms, the Crescent, the folly ‘castle’ on the edge of the university golf course

Favourite place in Brussels: Cinquantenaire Park, the Grand Place

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