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BBB Series: Maria Caruso

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Name: Maria Caruso

Connection to Bath: Alumna of the University of Bath, Bsc (Hons) in Politics and International Relations

Why and when did you first move to Brussels: I first moved to Brussels in the summer of 2016, to do my 1-year internship as part of my undergraduate program. Then I moved back here in Brussels in 2019 after completing my Master’s studies to start a new experience in EU affairs.

Current job & role: I am currently Policy Coordinator at Microsoft, and as part of the European Government Affairs team I work on digital and tech legislative and non-legislative initiatives, navigating European political priorities.

Best life lesson in Brussels: Being able to meet interesting people from around Europe and the world. Everyone is generally welcoming, which to me is energising, and I get to constantly learn from different experiences and stories. On a different note, you need lots of patience dealing with the administration.

Recommendation for someone that would like to come to work in Brussels: Brussels is a reference point for those who want to be involved in public and regulatory affairs within the European Union, as well as global affairs within NATO and other international organizations, but also the private sector, hence it offers a variety of opportunities.Engage yourself in obtaining a wide range of information on the different positions offered within all these different organizations. And do not underestimate the importance of networking and just reaching out to people to learn about their roles and make new acquaintances.

A thing from Brussels that you would like to export to Bath: The chill vibes of the different markets (Flagey, Chatelain, Jourdan) during the day or evening, filled with fresh products, drinks and food stands.

A thing from Bath that you would like to import to Brussels: I somehow miss the banter about British supermarkets.

Favourite place in Bath: The view over Bath from Alexandra Park, during every season of the year.

Favourite place in Brussels: Strolling through Marolles looking at antiques’ shops. Also Zaventem airport is just a couple of train stops away, so you get to travel anywhere from the heart of Europe.

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