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BBB Series: Sofia Radrizzani

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Name: Sofia Radrizzani Connection to Bath: I am an Undergraduate Biology student. Why and when did you first move to Brussels: I first moved to Brussels in May 2021 as I had accepted a summer internship position. I chose Brussels as it gave me a chance to work in an international environment, exposing me to various languages and allowing me to meet people with different backgrounds. Current job & role: I am an intern at Institute de Duve. Best life lesson in Brussels: You should never refuse to join in on an experience, you will never regret new adventures. Recommendation for someone that would like to come to work in Brussels: I recommend living close to the city centre, especially Saint Gilles, it is such a strategic position for both day and night activities. Plus, it is well-connected through public transport. A thing from Brussels that you would like to export to Bath: The delicious Belgian fries and chocolates. A thing from Bath that you would like to import to Brussels: Its priceless architectural beauty. Favourite place in Bath: The Bath Skyline on Bathwick Hill, it is the most stunning view of the city. Favourite place in Brussels: Place Royale, surrounded by beautiful buildings and with a fantastic view on Mont des Artes and the entire city.

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