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Intern Abbie's Review

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The B&BBO was delighted to host International Business Management student Abbie Brookes for a 10-week virtual placement in late 2021/early 2022. In our latest blog, Abbie reflects on her time with the Office - thanks Abbie for your support!

"My experience at the Bristol & Bath Brussels Office has exceeded my expectations and brought about growth in both my personal and professional development. I have valued my time on the placement and the opportunity has been an aid to my European political understanding, my studies and the significance of sustainability and health worldwide.

The format of the internship has been beneficial by allowing the widest breadth of insight. I have attended webinars that have featured current topics around the year of youth, the future of business reaching net-zero, and furthermore, calls from Horizon Europe and their Missions and the importance of COP26, to name a few. My understanding of EU relations and the effects on universities, cities and business has grown exponentially, and within this, my awareness of my political surroundings has been heightened. The webinars have been of particular interest to me, and the timing of the international climate summit during my placement meant that I was able to critically engage with the material I was presented with. Through the lens of the Office, I have gauged and consolidated the important information needed to be shared with partners. Also, I have learnt about the perspective of future business and the impact of the commitments, policies and legislation being implemented on a multi-level scale. Moreover, the important voices I have been able to hear from and gain viewpoints from include, but aren’t limited to; my local city Mayor - Marvin Rees, President of the European Commission - Ursula Von der Leyen and Angus Miller - the Chair of the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction committee for Glasgow during COP26. My time has been enlightening and provided a wealth of knowledge. The work that I have been tasked with has provided a circular view of politics and I have been able to appreciate the dynamics of different teams within my university.

Despite being remote, this was not a hindrance to the internship. Through the internship I have supported the Office with day-to-day tasks - I have been able to produce reports, social media posts and maintain the official website. My confidence has grown throughout, and I have been able to regularly stay on top of tasks, deadlines and correspond, through email and Teams, with other professionals. The independence of the internship is advantageous as I have deepened my time management and organisation skills but most importantly above self-motivation, I have improved my self-discipline. This is a skill that is transferable to every aspect of my life and will enable me to achieve future goals. Everyone I have encountered throughout my internship has been welcoming, knowledgeable and presented future connections and support networks. Limited to the University of Bristol, I have met or spoken with colleagues from an array of backgrounds and job roles - the Careers Service, Global Lounge and Global Opportunities are only some of the teams I had the pleasure of meeting.

The internship has been enjoyable, and I am appreciative of the University's role within these internships and placements. The role is worthwhile, and the team have been supportive throughout. The internship has enhanced a plethora of skills and highlighted different communication channels through multiple mediums, which I believe acts as a solid foundation for both my professional and academic career."

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