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Intern Alvi's Review

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The B&BBO was delighted to host penultimate-year law student Alvi Chowdhury from the University of Bristol for a 10-week virtual placement from March to June 2023. In our latest blog, Alvi reflects on his time with the Office - thanks Alvi for your support!

‘During my internship, I closely collaborated with the head of B&BBO and the head of the International Partnership and Relations team at the University of Bristol. My responsibilities included enhancing B&BBO's social media engagement, attending webinars, and reporting back to colleagues on UK-EU-related topics. The primary focus of the internship was to establish relationships with scholarship/sponsorship bodies.

The internship significantly enhanced my communication skills through interactions with numerous individuals and organizations that were previously inaccessible to me. Engaging with individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds broadened my perspective and improved my ability to analyse issues critically. I gained confidence in communicating with strangers and learned to consider multiple perspectives when working on projects and tasks. Moreover, the internship provided me with a deeper understanding of political, legal, and social issues within the EU, benefiting me academically and in pursuit of future employment in various fields.

In hindsight, the internship was relatively short. Increasing the duration of the internship by a few weeks would be beneficial, considering the time-intensive nature of the project. I would also recommend a visit to the Brussels office once during the 10 weeks, as well as in-person meetings with colleagues in Bristol whenever feasible.

In conclusion, however I would describe the internship as a valuable and concise experience. Throughout, I received invaluable mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals who generously shared their knowledge and expertise. Their insights and feedback played a pivotal role in identifying areas of improvement and refining my abilities. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and wish all my colleagues all the best for the future and thank them for their time.’

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