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Virtual Interns Visit Brussels

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The B&BBO was delighted to welcome new EU Affairs Interns Kieran Crimp-Richardson and Charlotte Greenlees to Brussels recently for a visit!

Kieran is a 3rd-year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Bath and Charlotte has just concluded her BA in Social Sciences.

They are contributing to the Office's goals by undertaking a 10 week research project each, monitoring EU developments, and helping with our communications.

Working mainly from the UK, the visit provided an opportunity for Charlotte and Kieran to meet the team and stakeholders, including the CBI and Aix-Marseille University.

They were also able to visit the EU Institutions, and attend an event hosted by West Midland's Europe Hub and the B&BBO summer networking drink.

Hear more about Charlotte and Kieran's experience of studying at Bath, internship with the B&BBO so far, and visit to Brussels in the short videos below!

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